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Saturday, November 27, 2010

__Let's talk about: PBIM 2010 (After)_

The last time I had took part in PBIM is in year 2003 , after that the event have been stopped for few years, while it has been re-organized, I was not able to make it there due to financial constraints and so on. Anyway , I make it this year 21st of Nov 2010.

Wake up at 430am after a heart broken Saturday night ( Arsenal lose 2-3 to Tottem even leading 2-0 by the first half). Rain reckoning heavily outside the building... Dad :" don't go if it rain so heavily." Son: " Are you out of your mind?". Head straight to bath room , change, car park, fetch sister, arrive there at 5:50am, traffic is terribly crowded, "Wtf is the Waja doing? Fuck!" Shouted in the car while my sister just sit right beside me.

Run started at 615am while Nelly's Just a Dream had just started playing in my ipod, have no time to warm up. The most enjoyable run I've ever join I would say, smile was on my face for the whole 10km run, after the 30kjavascript:void(0)m run this 17th January 2010, I have been not so consistent in my training, hence I didn't expect much for this run, just enjoy and run.

Nice temperature and humility while sprinkling rain drop was on their way from the sky far away from the earth. I heard that run was on live in Astro, it's a good news that finally running has been embraced by public more and more.

I finish 48:11 minutes with 167th in Men 10km Open category , an unexpected timing for me indeed, wondered if the distance is count wrongly. Take the medal , say hi to Cari Runners before head for home. There are 4 interesting things for me in this run...

First, I say hi to a foreign couple on the way back to get my car ( or my dad's car ) ." Good morning, How is the run?" , Uncle:" Good, it is fantastic!" Auntie:"Did you run? Which category you ran for?" " I just run for 10km category" Auntie:" Why just 10km?" "because I long time didn't do training for long distance run already." Auntie" I see." "alright, see you , have a nice weekend." They:"you too " .

Second, a car parked at the roadside had blocked the bus from passing through , few uncles is trying to move the car but seem not enough of people," come come" so I and a few uncles more helped them to move the car aside a little bit to give way to the bus.

Third, when i almost reach my car, an auntie asked, " Hey, you are the marathon participant?" Look like she is looking for her son or daughter, " Yea, I run 10km ." "ohh... 10 km " she walk away with a disdain look ... haihz.. what is wrong with running 10 km????

Last but not least, after read the newspaper only I realised, the Cari Runner Column Editor has just proposed to his Girl Friend after both finish running 42km!!! What a romantic proposal!!! The news is on Astro as well!!!

The Board

The crowd
The NewBalance Shoe Promotion Booth
Digi Booth

Me ( taken 1 week after the run )

_Let's talk about: PBIM 2010 (Pre)__

I have being tension and busy for study and FYP for the couples of week so at least now i find sometime to update my blog for this coming PenangBridgeInternationMarathon (21-11-2010). Anyway, this time I will only be running for 10 km, and without any training, my target is finish the race within 1 hour time.

below is some info about the run (10km category)

November 21st 2010

Start Time: 0615 am (Men Open - Above 18)

Start Time: 0615 am (Women Open - Above 18)

Start Time: 0630 am (Junior, age between 13 to 17 years)

Finishing Time: 1.5 hours (One and a half hour)

Start Location: Queensbay Mall

Alright, at least I will run a little bit of the bridge (front part ) =.="

Over this year we can see that PBIM is always criticized by the local and foreign participants due to their lack of experience in organizing this event , anyway we can see they are improving from year to year as well, fyi the participant is able to register themselves through online and sms!! Hopefully the water station and road closure stuff wont be a disappointment for this year.

ALL the best for every RUNNERS and best of the best for CARI RUNNERS!!!

P.s this post was posted on 19 of Nov in the wrong blogspot and been transfered to this on 27 of Nov

Monday, October 25, 2010

__Let's talk about: IF__

Every single human understand that "IF" is not going to open, what has been done is done, there is no way to rewind, although it might possible to reduce the damage caused if our life. Yet, I guess everyone is still will think of "IF" once in a while in their life, especially during a distressing moment.

I used to very like "IF" and every time when I made a mistake I'll think about "IF", however that is during my child hood time, and I told myself that is no "IF" in our life. And. However again, "IF" still come across my mind uncontrollably even though I deeply understand nothing could be done. Just like the past 2 years, when came to exam week, I will start thinking " how IF I totally didn't play DOTA for the whole semester? I might earn another 72 hours or more for my revision now... or the past 3rd Sunday from now, I think again," How if Laurent Koscienly had headed the ball into the net of Stamford Bridge at the early 6th minutes of the match? So Arsenal might not have to be embarrassed with 2-0 down by the blue army and I might not have to suffer a broken heart misery night on my bed thinking "IF" ". And the latest "IF" in my mind is "how IF I have done just a little bit better for the past 2 years academic year? I will free from the Rm400 per month PTPTN loan repayment for 20 years!!!!". Thinking of that really make me down, some sort of I had just lost a 70k lottery due to the 0.5 cgpa things.

Human is fragile, for most of us, even we know that but we will still think of it, cause it is a way to make ourself better, or we can interpreted it as a mean of self protect from hurting ourself more by ourself due to the earlier damage. I'm not here to cheer you guys up to face the truth bravely or ask you not from being cowardly. Who can actually just recover because a word of stranger? Absolutely not me, I know that. Anyway, it will get rid of my mind one day, and I definitely will laugh at it for been stupid to think that IF. Next month? next week? or may be next day : ) ... For now I just need some self protection to make myself feel better.

p.s congraz to those who are on the path to win the ptptn lottery : (

Friday, October 15, 2010

__Let's talk about: Confidence__

I used to be a not so confidence guy, sometime I'll even ask myself, you are definitely not nice looking, your dad have not dozens of money, you are not extremely excellent in sport or music, and you don't even have a charming or attractive characteristic, so what you think how good the future you are able to make? or why a pretty and nice gal will marry you? Every times the questions come into my mind I'll get very disheartened by myself.

I still remember the depressing low tide of my life, the first time is last last year when I get dumped, I felt like a walking corpse for a few months until "Jogging" has pulled me out from the center of the quicksand. The second time is just few months ago, where I'm undergoing my internship training and exposed to the real world, and the reality stuck me. And I asked myself again, WHAT YOU CAN DO IN FUTURE TO GET A GOOD LIFE, life seem meaningless to me, I've no motivation for everything, sleep, speak , jogging, turn on the washing machine, study, absolutely every things you can list out or probably it is in your list now as well. Well, at the end, A book, a song, a movie, a person, a family help me out. IF you ask me now, "how are you?" I can bla bla bla to you for few hours, telling you my plan in the future, telling you what is the latest nice songs, what about the movie, and probably introduce my blog to you at the end : )

When a person are confident of himself, he will be very charming, much much much charming than other even he is just a not so good looking guy, and he can come out with so many stupid ideas and funny thought, and most of all he can make people around him laugh, dream, infected my his fervent passion. I love to be confidence, and I know all of you love too!!!

A : Hey, how confident are you?
Me : hmmm, very very confident.
A : ........( alright let ask him some question) How many gal you think you can get her on your car?
Me : Well, I have to say I got the confidence to get every single woman on the planet to get on my car!!( Say only ma, takkan he ask me to prove to him by asking every single woman to go for a ride with me de ma )
A : *+* " ............

So that is me right now, a little bit over confidence but definitely most craziest since I had been born.

And Confidence to me Isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Egg McMuffin!!!!

So, what is yours?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

__Lets's talk about: Money & Love__

I love mix fm slogan " MIX FM believe that money should never come into love."

Yeah I agree and a lot of people agree with it, but indeed how many people can really do that? Especially our beloved females-in-relationship, who always like to compare their bf's wealth with other's ( or what my her bf just brought to her la bla bla bla la) just like the auntie compare their child's academy success with their siblings', neighbors' . Even though we all know that this comparison will bring tremendous pressure to our children and such a lot of pressure to us - MALEs-In-Relationship- but who really care??? I believe they (female) used to come across to the title of study and pressure bla bla bla during secondary school essay and come out with a point that parent should not compare their child with others' or news that child jump down from their house because of study pressure.. Yet. How many of them will stop compare us with other???

Let's share some of my PE ( Personal Experience ),

First Case, common case-
A gal she always like to tell her bf how rich the guy is, how nice his car was, and at the end come out with the conclusion that," how nice if you are also rich just like him!". and at the moment, what is just right in my mind is , "Fuck, even he is rich, but it doesn't mean he will give you that, or not even he will consider to take you as his gf right?and I believe at least your current depressed-by-your-complain bf is giving you much more thing than that guy do, even the value is not so high. And the most important is, I guess if I'm her bf, and if one day I get as rich as the guy I will start consider of dumping you already @@"

Second case, boy & gal equal right?-
Some gals told me, when I first on with my bf, I dare not to use his money. But now, I want to use his money as much as possible, sometime I can even to tell him that, "haihz, you no longer love me?" .[all right, mean his love just worth the hundreds RM ma?I did not speak it out la] and I ask "Why?" "Of course la, if one day they go find some other gal le? how if one day they dump me leh?" and again right in my mind "Goshhh, so that is avenge in future that you can foresee? so how if your bf doesn't do that to you after all or you are the one to dump him? ? What you are going to compensate him? Let him use your money back ma? Think about it!!! And I asked "Why not AA ?" , They said," since last time boy pay gal de ma if they go dating~" and now what again, last time female know how to cook a delicious meal, know how to needle point, know how to keep the whole house clean. What you know? You not even know how to keep your own room CLEAN&TIDY!!! And furthermore, it is a bit rude but I still going to say that, last time when the guy say I need it, the gal just get laid obediently on the bed no matter is it her period time or she felt not comfortable for it and open their leg big enough for the cock to sink deep into vagina, and now why you don't do that??? Since last time already like that ma. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!

Third case, what the heck is in your mind??-
A gal said, we should use our bf money as much as possible because we are rugi~ing when they are holding our hand, hugging us, kissing us, and further do....Come on gals, don't think you are so innocent, both male and female get to stay in their mom's stomach for 9 months before come to the earth, so I (male) holding your (Female) hand mean you are rugi??? What the wrong concept you have!! Even we talk about having an intimacy-on-bed-exercise, so we (male) are the only one enjoy it? You (Female) are not? Just try to ask yourself, among the 10s on-bed-exercise, how many time is because of your bf's request and how many times is your request???For those gals who have the wrong concept, I sincerely beg you gal to stand up, you don;t need a guy to live in his society and you are no longer in the lower position to guy, and if you not going to change your mindset yourself, nobody is going to make the world different for you. I believe gal and boy are equal right.

All right, the post might be a bit rude but it is real, and I have no hard feeling against any gal whose example is in this post. I still respect you as a single being. Think about it. I love gals : )

P.s and of course there are many gals in the world who are not like what said in the blog, have no offend to every gal on the planet and the word "you" or "you gals" or "gals" are not referring to the every female out there.

Last but not least, I'm a MODERATE person *wink*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

__Amenities of Life__

I used to read a book lately, 幸福就像狗尾巴 by 黄桐.... one of the story is talk about the amenities of life and I would like to share with you guys here.
A female nerd is depressed by her own boring life and she come to a monk, she complain and complain about her boring life, feeling so miserable of her boresome life, the monk listen to her patiently before come out with a idea to help her to change her life. He asked her to buy some flower to put in her house.
Months later, the gals come to the monk again but she is no longer depressed, indeed she is kind of different people to monk when he first time saw her. So the monk asked wistfully, what make your life become alive? She answered, " you ask me to put a flower in my house, so I start looking for a suitable flower, then i go market to look for a beautiful vase, when I get home I start looking for a place to put it on. Few days after, I go market again to get a tablecloth to put under the vase, week after the flower has growth and I have to learn the skill in shaping the flower to make it look nice to my guest and etc............" The monk said while smiling," and now you can't stop telling me your interesting life without complain anymore." and the gal, smile too...

Sometime it does happen in our life as well, we feel bored, feel dead, feeling like a walking corpse, It is just because we has forgotten, unaware of the tiny things in our life that can make the life much more lividly : )

Dismantling motor to wash


Washed and polished shining motor

Did clean and rearrange my memo board last few day, just put in a little bit extra effort to be creative and innovative in my work, still it's not an award winning-board but it make life more interesting, and perhaps a little bit different from others : )

__I'm Back__

I'm back
1.to the blogging!
2.to the road!!
3.to mySEFT!!!

Once I used to be thinking that , I blog because I'm want to share my life with the people around me, or that time I have no one to share my every detail of my life. Right after I get one, I feel there is no need for blogging anymore because I'd got one to share my every single detail of my life and that is no point to repeat everything again in blogging, but right after 18 months, I want to blog again, for myself.... even we already get one we want, but she/ he wouldn't be attending to us all the time, and not everything we want to share with him/her because they just DON'T UNDERSTAND sometime, don't you think so ? Hence, I'm back!!!

Announcement for the following date.......
1. Relationship related post in my blog would not be based on the my personal story.
2. The world "She/Female" in my blog should never be referred as my beloved.
3. You can not going to agree what I write here, but don't you tell me what I should post
and what I shouldn't, because it is MY BLOG after all.

All right see you guys next post : )

Sunday, June 20, 2010

__Life View__

There are definitely a lot of ways in living our life, some ways that we don't agree doesn't mean it is wrong, just like some prefer to study hard because he/she believes that is what a student should be, but it doesn't mean those who always enjoy hanging out, socializing and last minutes study is wrong.

The right way of living a life is a very subjective question, just like a family should hire a maid or not, I don't like the idea because I believe a house that when you own a house you should at the same time bear the responsibility to take care of it, yet i cant accuse those who hire a maid.

Live our life according to the way we like and at the same time bear the consequences of it, whether it is good or bad....


Finally I get back to the path which I used to run to, 45m20s for 8.5 km , a not so bad starting yet not good enough. It is good to be able to run again, well, I mean have the determination and patience to run long distance again. I've been stop training since Jan 17 , my first 30km run. It is always full of reminiscence when recalling I used to wake up at 4.30 am and run for 25 km , the moment I look at my leg while running , the moment of sweating and muscle straining after an exhausting run, it is my pride and a way to be myself.

I want to be myself again. I WANT TO RUN AGAIN!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010




Wednesday, May 26, 2010

__A Saying__

It happen during the last Saturday when I follow my dad to work, our task today is to carry some construction wood from his client's store room to the construction place, his client is 德诚, a 60 s old guy and he is kind of my dad's good friend too.

For maintaining a good relationship with his clients, my dad will buy some lunch or tea time or drink for them once in a while. Some other workers and clients really welcome it, anyway, who doesn't like free meal? But not Cheng. He will scold my dad when my dad bought something for them like, " You get rich dy ? why don't you save the money for other purpose???" and once in a while my dad will reply jokingly, " No la , the number i bought appear in the TOTO last night," and guess what he reply ?

He would said, " it is your good luck, it doesn't mean to you have to spend the money for us," continue will a saying that that touch my heart, " We hope you can get rich but we never hope you treat us!" in Hokkien it sounds" Wang hi mang ru ho giak, tapi bo hi mang ru qia wang chiak!" or in mandarin,"我们希望你发财,不过不希望你请我们吃!" What a worthy man he is.

I'm great that are such a good friend at my dad side while his son is studying at melaka, obviously it can give him some joy and hope every morning he wake up from the dream and make him looking for something in his life.

LIFE is wonderful isn't it ?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, before getting started with my post, let me make an introduction about my dad's job. Basically, he is a lorry driver with his own 4 wheels lorry. What he carries including the broken stones and cements when the house is under renovation, plaster boards which the construction worker used to make ceiling and divided, construction gears and equipments as well, sometime he does help his client to buy the construction materials from hardware shop and delivery to them. It is pretty hard for the first task I mentioned which he has to upload those stones and rubbish from the ground by demanding laborious effort to the lorry and carry them them to solid waste facility to unload them.

What I am going to discuss is the conversation during the trip I work with him. He greeted the incoming lorry driver with a friendly smile, before I could say anything. He said," I don't really recognize him, but it is my habit to greet the other lorry drivers, it is always good to maintain a good relationship with the others because you will never realise when they will help you out," he continue," Sometime , my lorry might get stuck in the mud, sometime, they can warn you that there are a road block ahead the way you are going and you can save a lot of trouble by just flashing them a smile occasionally... so why not???"

I kept silent, yea, of course what he said is right , but not everyone is willing to do that even they understand the reason behind it, sometime it is just too shy for giving a smile to a first time meet stranger, just like me!!! His ingenuous action does make me respect my dad even more. Everyone understand the theory of be nice, but not everyone can make it, but he is one of the 60 billion people who understand and capable in doing it.

Again, before I'm able to react, he add in,"Actually I'm the one who start doing it at the solid waste facility, and now everyone is doing it." end with a charming smile.

So what does it matter although some might view it as rubbish carrier? what does it matter although people might feel disgusted at the stinking smell of his, but so what??? With the stinking smell on the money, he is able to send his son to University with a current second upper CGPA. Proud of you , Dad : )

__Study oR Working__

2 Weeks ago, I got frustrated during preparing exam for HEAT TRANSFER , basically 3 modes of heat can be transferred, conduction through the vibration of atoms and molecules, convection through the bulk motion of fluid and gas, the first 2 rely on some medium to enable the heat to be transferred while the last is the radiation which the heat is transferred through the electromagnetic wave. Well, conduction can be further divided into 1 dimension (1-D) steady state with and without heat generation, 1-D transient , 2-D steady stage, the equations of every mode of them o be derived from the basic heat equilibrium equation and based on the respective boundary condition and initiate condition arghhhhh!!!! Anyway , it is just getting started!!! Convection is classified into around 10 modes and got their stupid and some lengthy equation as well....

For that moment, i kind of thinking to working hard next time hence my sons and daughters do not need to endure such a stupid pressure as I did!!! However, after I go back Penang and help my dad out with his work, I kind of enlighten how stupid and naive I was. Due to the lack of knowledge, my dad's job is kind of labour for sale, he depend on his labour offered everyday to earn his bread-winning money, my waist get ache after the first day of work, it ache even i only work for the first time, sometime my dad have to work on that 5 or 6 times per day....and it kind of change my mind.

Well, able to study and capable to study is kind of gift that given by the God ( if He ever exist anyway, religion-less, no offend) . We should appreciate it and not take it for granted, it doesn't mean we have to study until to get a rocket high result but at least don't take it for granted. Some people say once you get the pay after you work you might loss interest in studying, but not for the not-so-easy earning money job as my dad's.

Love you dad for working hard for me , for the family ( broken family ) : )

Thursday, February 11, 2010












Happy Valentine to every couple , there are always some argument between you and your beloved, solve it well and it make your love long lasting

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

__Love Corner . 4__

Is your relationship is a 1 Dimensional Steady State heat convection system or 1 Dimensional Transient System ?A steady State system, you will find your temperature ( love) at maximum at the starting and ending point but lowest in the middle point, your process should be going fine in the right direction, and it remain so for steady state system. However if there are an set up error , it might go wrong to other direction and the temperature wont get their expected position, those you pay will be your gain, and the graph you get you just shit and have to sit down and analyze which way go down and cause the relationship failure just like what I obtain in my lab ( real experiment ) . A transient system which is temperature always change with time, you have to fear what might be the next temperature the next second, it can be increasing significantly or just drop to zero and say "GoodBye, there are someone better than you " to you, it might be challenging but unpredictable and always discouraging for me. You might need 1 years, 5 years or whole life to figure out is the experiment conducted successfully, no set up mistake, right data recording method. But some do only need 3 months or less to conclude there is a experiment failure.....Well, I wish mine is the Internal Heat Generating 1 Dimension Steady State System....