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Saturday, November 27, 2010

__Let's talk about: PBIM 2010 (After)_

The last time I had took part in PBIM is in year 2003 , after that the event have been stopped for few years, while it has been re-organized, I was not able to make it there due to financial constraints and so on. Anyway , I make it this year 21st of Nov 2010.

Wake up at 430am after a heart broken Saturday night ( Arsenal lose 2-3 to Tottem even leading 2-0 by the first half). Rain reckoning heavily outside the building... Dad :" don't go if it rain so heavily." Son: " Are you out of your mind?". Head straight to bath room , change, car park, fetch sister, arrive there at 5:50am, traffic is terribly crowded, "Wtf is the Waja doing? Fuck!" Shouted in the car while my sister just sit right beside me.

Run started at 615am while Nelly's Just a Dream had just started playing in my ipod, have no time to warm up. The most enjoyable run I've ever join I would say, smile was on my face for the whole 10km run, after the 30kjavascript:void(0)m run this 17th January 2010, I have been not so consistent in my training, hence I didn't expect much for this run, just enjoy and run.

Nice temperature and humility while sprinkling rain drop was on their way from the sky far away from the earth. I heard that run was on live in Astro, it's a good news that finally running has been embraced by public more and more.

I finish 48:11 minutes with 167th in Men 10km Open category , an unexpected timing for me indeed, wondered if the distance is count wrongly. Take the medal , say hi to Cari Runners before head for home. There are 4 interesting things for me in this run...

First, I say hi to a foreign couple on the way back to get my car ( or my dad's car ) ." Good morning, How is the run?" , Uncle:" Good, it is fantastic!" Auntie:"Did you run? Which category you ran for?" " I just run for 10km category" Auntie:" Why just 10km?" "because I long time didn't do training for long distance run already." Auntie" I see." "alright, see you , have a nice weekend." They:"you too " .

Second, a car parked at the roadside had blocked the bus from passing through , few uncles is trying to move the car but seem not enough of people," come come" so I and a few uncles more helped them to move the car aside a little bit to give way to the bus.

Third, when i almost reach my car, an auntie asked, " Hey, you are the marathon participant?" Look like she is looking for her son or daughter, " Yea, I run 10km ." "ohh... 10 km " she walk away with a disdain look ... haihz.. what is wrong with running 10 km????

Last but not least, after read the newspaper only I realised, the Cari Runner Column Editor has just proposed to his Girl Friend after both finish running 42km!!! What a romantic proposal!!! The news is on Astro as well!!!

The Board

The crowd
The NewBalance Shoe Promotion Booth
Digi Booth

Me ( taken 1 week after the run )


ladycooper said...

Congratulation for finishing the race at much better timing than your target.

Is time to enjoy now and take a look at some PBIM 2010 runners pictures


chuckie Cotton said...

I didnt manage to go to the New Balance booth, but their bags are nice.. got 2 from my friend.